Local Information

Jember is a city and regency district in East Java.

This is East Java’s third largest city after Surabaya and Malang. Whilst not the most attractive or interesting of cities, it does have decent facilities for visitors and makes a good base for exploring the southern part of the East Java region. Reaching the remote Sukamade turtle conservation area is often tackled from here.

Any visitors should note though that Jember is a big commercial centre and is almost invariably congested and crowded.

Get in
By train

Jember is on the main East Java line and there are many services linking it with other cities in the region and in Central Java. Longer distance rail access from Jakarta involves a change in Jogjakarta or Surabaya. Check the PT Kereta Api (Persero) website for detailed schedules. There are 2 slow local trains from Banyuwangi to Jember for 8000 Rp, start in Banyuwangi 9.45 an 20.00. The journey takes 3 hours.

Train from Surabaya Gubeng at 09:00 (Mutiara Timur), at 14:30 (Sri Tanjung), at 15:30 (Logawa), at 18:10 (Ranggajati), at 22:00 (Mutiara Timur Malam). More info, please visit http://kai.id
Bus from Surabaya (Purabaya Terminal / Bungurasih)

By bus
The main long distance bus terminal is called Tawang Alun and is about 5km west of the city centre. This is serviced by buses from Banyuwangi (about 2 hours), Surabaya (about 5 hours), Malang (about 5 hours) and many other smaller towns in East Java.

If you want to visit beach like Tanjung Papuma, Payangan, Watu Ulo or another destination around it. You can get bus from Surabaya directly to Ambulu. But, there will only economy class bus and the tourist facilities in Ambulu aren’t much.

By plane
Garuda Indonesia has recently opened a once-daily flight route from Surabaya to Jember, which is estimated to take half an hour.

Watu Ulo Beach and Papuma Beach (30 km south of Jember city centre). It is strange that the not very attractive Watu Ulo is the better known of these two nearby beaches. Papuma is by far the nicer of the two and many regard it as the best beach in the whole of East Java. The beach at Watu Ulo is black sand and the large rock from which the beach takes it name (Watu Ulo means Snake Rock in Javanesse language) juts impressively out of the ocean just offshore. Papuma is pristine white sand, a nicer shape and just altogether a better experience. Both beaches border the western edge of the Meru Betiri National Park and this is a beautifully wild area. It does get crowded at weekends and during school holidays with day trippers from Jember but otherwise it is quiet and an excellent place to get away from it all. There are no buses from Jember to Watu Ulo. you can arrange a car and driver at your hotel or take an ojek or bemo (between 50k and 100k). Once at Watu Ulo there is no shortage of ojek and bemo transport to take you over to Papuma or to the even quieter fishing village at Mayangan Beach just to the east.

JFC (Jember Fashion Carnaval). A spectacular event Fashion Carnaval on The Street, with the concept of costume fashion trend of the world. Followed by around 600 participants witnessed by hundreds of thousands of spectators. It has been recorded in the MURI as a demonstration with the longest catwalk 3.6 km. edit

Go to Sukamade to visit the turtle conservation facility. The full details of this are covered in the Sukamade article. Whilst in Jember, a visit to the national park office to obtain some advance information and purchase permits is not a bad idea.

Once you visit Jember, something that you cannot miss is to buy gifts. There are various gifts from Jember. One of that is traditional food made from fermented tapioca called Tape. It has sweet and sour flavor and often gives warm feel on your body. The other thing is Suwar Suwir. It is basically also made from fermented tapioca, but slightly modified to other shape and can be grouped as sweets. It has sweet flavor as well. A lot of shops sell those food. One popular shop is “Primadona”, located next to Pasar Tanjung. Here, you can also find Brownies Tape. It is brownies cake as you usually know, with the flavor of tape. You can also go to Hardys supermarket, located in Jl. Raya Sultan Agung or Matahari Department store.